You can't handle the truth

  1. Write a lot.
  2. Write a lot.
  3. Write a lot.
Karate kid working hard to clean the car
Wax on, wax off

If you don’t think so, you can’t

$1 Million is Actually Small

A million dollars is not a lot of money.

Money, it's really just paper..

Email is powerful

A Friday afternoon email to #1

A Friday afternoon message with a run-down of the week.

Individuals can leverage the internet just like companies

Make money online

The exact strategy I used to become an independent creator in 2021

Outside, not inside — Envato Elements

Think a little, write a lot, review a little, and publish everything

Beginners writing, made easy
Write — Envato Elements
  1. Writing helps you become a better thinker
  2. There’s a quick feedback loop
  3. Writing forces you to think, debate, and research
  4. You become a valuable asset to others

Lets get started with a foundation

Writing starts with thinking.

Crypto with a twist of hedge fund

Business man with laptop in hotel
Hedgefund manager working hard

Meter my story so it is eligible to earn money. Uhh Yes!

You are on tackling the five essential elements of an online business:

Choose a Primary Content Channel

Most people will be a part of your audience before they ever consider becoming a customer. Your content’s job is to attract the right people to help grow your audience so that you can grow your business.

Dopamine is amazing but still a drug


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