How To Choose Your Target Audience

People that take action get results. Same for you. Same for me.

If you have 1,000 email subscribers but only 25 of them are active, would you call that a success?

Everyone can do better, including you.

The first step to doing better is understanding why the reader is important in the first place.

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How to choose your blog audience

Step 1 — Make a list of things you enjoy

Grab a sheet of paper or open up notes on your computer then write down at least 10 things you already know. Circle your favorite two.

Step 2 — Make a list of attributes that people have in those topics.

These attributes should describe your ideal reader, the person who would most benefit from learning about your topic. Why would they care about your topic? What are their struggles related to your topic? What inspires them about your topic? What motivates them to learn more about the topic?

Step 3 — Compare the 2 lists

Who on your first list has at least some of the attributes on your second list? If they share the attributes, then cross them out. Whatever list has the most attributes leftover to itself is the winner.

Step 4 — Pick a name.

Now search on social media of Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, or reddit connections until you find at least one person who would be interested in the topic.

That one person now represents your audience. Write and create for your blog should be with this one human being in mind. By focusing on one specific person to start, you’ll eventually find the universal content that matters most and with your knowledge you will have several pieces of content to write about.

You searching for readers ;)

Where to find more readers?

Now that you’ve picked your ideal reader for your blog, it’s time to go into the Internet (and sometimes real life), find them, and connect.

Now, I want to talk about real people you already know.

You likely already know someone enough to understand their goals and ambitions for their life. You’ve probably talked about things like what they want to learn to grow in their career, who influences their work, or their favorite social media channels. Using that infor you can already start curating pieces of content they could be interested in.

Identify your potential readers’ hangouts

Even though so people may not want to admit it, many are on social media on the daily.

Targeting their platform could be an indicator to find like minded or similar people to the person we already idetified earlier in this story.

If you want to try the in person mode. Check out the local meetups in your area, attend conferences, or if you have the means, host your own meetup. This can be daunting at first but you will build meaningful connections. Face-to-face connections are powerful and should never be overlooked even though you’re running an online business.

Join in on the conversation

Showing up in person or virtually is the minimum, sometimes the minimum is not enough. Once you know where your potential blog audience is, get involved. Put your networking hat on and jump in the conversation. Lend your advice in forums (like Quora) and online communities. Spark up new conversation that gets people interested (but don’t walk in guns blazing by promoting yourself and your new blog nonstop).

Think outside the box

Not every conversation or post will match your specific content, but contributing to the conversation is important. When you’re looking for readers, think about other topics that correlate to yours that would draw similar people. For example, if your topic is about fitness, you could also look through communities that focus on eating healthy.

Building Audience

Like with many things in life, you will fail. It takes failure to see growth, getting the first follower will be hard. After the first it will be the second, then the third, and so on. Over time you will go from crawling to walking and then running. The audience will grow as long as you choose to put in effort and consistency.

Keep being your smart, thoughtful, creative, helpful self– and do it in public.




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The “Receptionist” @ Facebook. Book complimentary time with me on my website

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